Wednesday, April 18, 2018

White Spot Lesions

When tooth decay is developing, there are warning signs. At Dr. Dipika Shah’s Holmdel dental practice, we don’t want our patients to miss a warning that they need to pay more attention to their brushing, which is why we’re spreading the word about white spot lesions.

The development of white spots on tooth enamel is the first visible sign of erosion. (For this reason, they are also called “incipient” lesions.) The spots have a chalky appearance, similar to that caused by the early stage of acid reflux-related erosion. They are most commonly seen in the spots where plaque accumulates, such as near the gum line or surrounding an orthodontic bracket. White spots can form in just a month, and if the bracket they’re surrounding is removed, the patient will be left with white hollow rectangles on their teeth.

Better brushing is the key to preventing tooth decay. We encourage patients who are at elevated risk for tooth decay due to factors such as diabetes and dry mouth to talk to us about infection control. If a lesion has already developed but its progress has been arrested, the patient may benefit from remineralization therapy. Avoiding the risk of white spots is also a major reason why people choose Invisalign over fixed braces.  

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