Thursday, January 30, 2014

Athletic Guard

An athletic guard is a type of mouth guard given to adolescents/adults who play sports in school or for fun. The reason we create these mouth guards is to protect the patient’s teeth and their smile. While there are other uses for a mouth guard, the main function is for protection of not just their teeth, but their head from concussion and brain damage.

Dr. Dipika Shah prepares custom athletic guards that fit the patient perfectly so it is comfortable and offers the best protection available. They also don’t have a weird taste or odor. They allow you to breath better and even talk to your team mate as they do not fall out when you talk/laugh/breath or even get tackled. 
There are many benefits of athletic guards, including protecting their teeth from fracture or loss, preventing expensive dental work later on, and protecting the head, neck and jaw joint from damage during a sport. They also give parents a peace of mind knowing their child is playing the sport they love without risking severe damage to your teeth or mouth. Mouth guards made here in our office fit the patients better, allowing them to breathe easier and have more comfort.

If you have a child that plays sports, whether in school or as a hobby, we encourage you to call us at 732-264-8180 to schedule an appointment for a custom athletic guard.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bad Breath

If you are experiencing bad breath, it is likely due to bacteria in your oral cavity. Many of our patients visit our clinic complaining of bad breath, and we have found a variety of things to cause it. It may be lack of proper dental hygiene, the food or drinks they are consuming, smoking cigarettes, or having an infection or deep decay of the teeth. We diagnose the problem then provide an effective solution for reducing bad breath.

When a patient experiences bad breath, it can be damaging to their self esteem. They feel afraid to confront others and don’t feel confident being in relationships. These struggles don’t need to continue if a patient visits us to get a dental screening and deep cleaning. This removes all of the bacteria built-up and decay from their teeth, and gives them a fresh mouth. They are also urged/helped to stop habits like smoking, which can further cause bad breath.

Aside from providing a good cleaning, we also perform a check-up and x-rays to see if other dental issues are causing the bad breath. If you have bad breath, visit Dr. Dipika Shah in Holmdel, NJ to discuss your options.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Orthodontics is straightening/aligning  of the teeth and the patient’s bite. Sooner we diagnose the problem and sooner we treat, better results and shorter time for treatment. Modern orthodontics, kids do not have to wait till all their baby teeth fall out, actually, that may be too late as you miss the opportunity to direct the jaw growth as kids go through growth spurts. Modern orthodontics, we avoid extracting teeth to create room, in stead, we give appliances to help jaw growth in proper direction so teeth are not crowded or patient does not get overbite/underbite.

We also provide orthodontics for teens and adults who want to correct overcrowding, spacing, overbites or underbites.

The types of orthodontic treatments we provide here in our Holmdel, NJ dental clinic, include the following:
1. Traditional braces
2. Clear braces
3. Invisalign
4. Appliance and Retainer Therapy/ phase 1 orthodontics.

With these options, patients have a choice of orthodontic treatments. Traditional braces are the most common and least expensive variety, and can work with all different levels of spacing or bite issues. Clear braces are similar, though they are made from ceramic and less visible than the metal traditional braces. The most invisible are Invisalign, which use clear plastic aligners, as opposed to brackets and wires.
If you or your child is in need of orthodontics, call Dr. Dipika Shah at 732-264-8180.