Thursday, February 25, 2016

Electric Toothbrush Basics

Maintaining good oral hygiene should be an important part of everyone’s daily routine. Without proper cleaning at least twice daily and without a thorough annual cleaning by Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS, your teeth and mouth can suffer from a number of issues. To begin a proper oral hygiene routine, you will need an effective toothbrush. Because they provide the brushing action for you, many people find that using power toothbrushes are easier than using regular manual ones.

Generally rich in technology and features, some power toothbrushes can even enable you to improve your brushing habits. While regular toothbrushes work well, electric toothbrushes offer a number of additional benefits such as faster brushing, easier brushing, deep cleaning, stain removal, and fresher breath. Hi-tech features may include numerous brushing modes for sensitive teeth, whitening benefits, or gum-massaging action. Depending on the brand, additional features may include pressure sensors to signal when you’re brushing too hard and timers to help you keep track of how long you’re brushing on each quadrant of your mouth.

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