Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Don't Let Your Bad Breath Scare People Away

Whether we’re dealing with business associates, friends or a romantic partner, we all want our breath to be at its freshest, but most over-the-counter mouthwashes, gums and mints are actually ineffective at improving our breath. Only a dentist can make sure our breath is at its best.

Bad breath is a result of oral bacteria in your mouth, which can produce a bevy of different chemicals that create foul breath. The chemicals that can be produced include hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs, methyl mercaptan and sketole, which smell like feces, cadeverine, which smells like corpses, putrescine, which smells like decaying meat, and isovaleric acid, which smells like sweaty feet!

Bad breath bacteria are able to accumulate because of sustenance provided from a postnasal drip or from poor hygiene, unclean dentures and abscesses. The situation can be further exacerbated by dry mouth, which is caused by smoking, mouth breathing, fasting, stress and certain medications.

Products available over the counter cannot kill the germs or odor, but Dr. Dipika Shah can prescribe what is best for your bad breath. Treatment may include using a mouthwash containing chlorine dioxide, Rotadent Electric Toothbrush and Waterik. If you have bad breath, schedule an appointment at our office in Holmdel, NJ by calling 732-264-8180. For more information, visit

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Air Abrasion: No Shots, No Drills

Dr. Dipika Shah is dedicated to providing her patients with the best dental service she can, and one of the ways she does this is by using high-tech dental tools that can increase patient comfort and reduce anxiety during procedures.

One such tool is the Air Abrasion , which forgoes drills and shots. With no vibrations, friction or heat, there is no jarring of sensitive nerves or anxiety. The tool instead delivers a gentle stream of particles with forced air that removes decay quickly and gently.

Because it is quicker and does not require sedation, it allows more teeth to be worked on in one visit and without side effects. This is much more convenient that traditional drills and allows you to have necessary dental work without cutting too much into your busy schedule. In addition, air abrasion allows for healthier tooth structure to be conserved when removing decay and is highly effective in stronger bond procedures.

Air abrasion is only one way that Dr. Shah puts her patients’ best interest first. To schedule an appointment, call 732-264-8180. For more information on the dentist, our practice and our services, visit

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Monmouth Ocean County Dental Society Leadership Award 2014

We are proud to announce that Dr. Dipika Shah has been awarded the Leadership Award for 2014 from the Monmouth Ocean County Dental Society! Dr. Dipika Shah was chosen for this award for her exceptional leadership and dedicated services. 

Dipika Shah and the Leadership Award

The Society promotes the highest levels of oral health for those who live in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and provides critical support and education opportunities for dental professionals practicing within the counties. This translates into providing members of the society with free continuing education courses and other benefits, which proves extremely beneficial to the community since it receives a better standard of health care for its citizens.

The society has over 600 members in general dentistry and the nine specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Shah, call 732-264-8180. For more information, visit 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bridge the Gap

If you have had a tooth extracted due to damage, decay or disease, it is important to have the resulting gap filled or your remaining teeth can shift out of position. When this happens, your teeth become more susceptible to disease and decay. Dr. Dipika Shah can help you keep your smile beautiful and functional with dental bridges.

Called a bridge because it literally creates a bridge to cross the area where your tooth is missing, this prosthetic tooth replacement is usually made from gold, metal, alloys or porcelain to ensure a strong and durable smile that can last more than a decade if properly cared for.

The process of creating a bridge takes two visits to our office. In the first, we will create abutments out of the existing teeth on both sides of your missing tooth. This is where the bridge will be attached. After the abutments are in place, a mold is made of your mouth for creating the bridge, which will fit and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible. The bridge will consist of two crowns, which will be fixed to the abutments, and a pontic, which is the prosthetic that will replace your missing tooth. We provide you with a temporary bridge while your permanent one is crafted in the lab. On the second visit, the permanent bridge will be fixed to the abutments with an adhesive.

To schedule an appointment at our office in Holmdel, NJ, call 732-264-8180. For more information, visit