Thursday, April 26, 2018

Causes of Gap Teeth

If you’ve got a gap between your upper front teeth and want to get rid of it, Holmdel’s Dr. Dipika Shah has you covered. But what kind of treatment is best will depend on a few factors, some of which are related to other issues.

If the teeth are otherwise in alignment, veneers may be all that's needed to close a gap. These shells are cemented onto the fronts of the teeth, covering gaps as well as cracks, chips, and stains. But if the teeth are twisted or there are gaps between the other teeth, as well, orthodontic treatment may be preferable. Cosmetic orthodontic corrections can be done with Invisalign while more advanced work requires traditional braces. Patients will have to wear retainers afterward regardless of which kind of orthodontic treatment they get or the gap may reopen.

Sometimes, especially when accompanied by an overbite, a gap develops in response to pressure on the teeth. Tongue thrusting and thumb sucking can both push the front teeth apart and have to be resolved to prevent the gap from returning. (This may require help from another specialist, such as an ear, nose, and throat doctor.) If the labial frenum, the strip of tissue connecting the inside of the upper lip to the jaw is enlarged, it has to be surgically reduced for the teeth to be able to move together and stay together. We have laser to take care of that attachment so no pain and no bleeding. 

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