Thursday, April 4, 2019

Air Abrasion Technique

Air Abrasion is a drill-free, shot free alternative to dental drilling. It is successful with pediatric patients or patients with dental anxiety. An instrument that is similar to a small sandblaster utilizes a stream of particles that removes decay from the teeth. Dr. Dipika Shah, D.D.S. offers air abrasion technique at her office in Holmdel, NJ.


Before the procedure, you will be given protective eyewear, along with either a rubber dam or protective resin. These will protect your face and other areas of the mouth from the technique. During the procedure, the stream of particles will be sprayed on the tooth. The decayed particles of the teeth are removed and suctioned away through a thin tube. This prevents these particles from being swallowed or going into your lungs.


There are many benefits to the air abrasion technique. There is no pressure, heat, or vibration from the device. Because air abrasion technique is often only used on very shallow cavities, it reduces the need for anesthesia. Much more of the healthy tissue is left untouched. It also reduces the chances of your tooth becoming chipped or fractured.


Air abrasion technique should not be attempted when cavities are deeper. Crowns, onlays, and inlays can’t be prepared through air abrasion. Air abrasion can also be used to prepare a tooth for bonding or sealants, along with removing stains and discolorations.


To learn more about our Air Abrasion technique, or our other services, contact Dr. Dipika Shah, D.D.S. Our office is located in Holmdel, NJ. To schedule your appointment, visit our website or call 732-264-8180.


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