Friday, November 3, 2017

Reducing Children's Dental Anxiety

We love treating children at Dr. Dipika Shah’s Holmdel dental office. It is very important how they are introduced to dental office, staff and how they are handled on their first visit. Parents should be honest with themselves about whether they may be transmitting their own anxiety to their child. Emphasizing to children that they’ll get rewarded for being brave indicates that there’s something to be afraid of. Instead, the child should be taught to think of the dentist and hygienists as friends and dental office as a pleasant outing to get their teeth counted, brushed with tickle brush and play in a magic chair. In short, no negative words, just positive talk.

When your child arrives, we can describe the procedures in terms they will understand and give demonstrations with our tools. It is usually unnecessary to give descriptions of procedures that we are unlikely to do, but children often like to hear about the importance of fighting cavities and keeping their mouths guarded during sports depending upon their age. We have lots of options to distract them and make a dental visit real fun.

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