Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Preventing and Treating Dry Sockets

Dr. Dipika Shah believes in avoiding extractions whenever possible, and when they are necessary, she makes sure her patients understand their post-operation instructions. But sometimes they may still suffer from a dry socket. Although this is unfortunate, we want our patients to know it is treatable so they’ll seek help right away.

Typically, following an extraction, a blood clot will form which will prevent the extraction site from drying out and guard it against infection. However, birth control is known to interfere with clot formation, and clots can be knocked loose or dissolved by use of a straw, smoking, or other consumption of tobacco products. A dry socket will usually result in severe pain about two days after the extraction, at which point patients should make an emergency appointment.

Dr. Shah will treat a dry socket by vacuuming out debris and applying medicated wound dressings. These dressings will moisturize the surgical site and fight infection. Patients will also be prescribed painkillers and antibiotics. They will need to return to have their wound dressings changed every few days until they are done healing.

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