Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oral Health Changes During Pregnancy

While going through pregnancy, there are many different things you do to start preserving the health of yourself and your baby. Proper oral care is important to keep while your body is going through so many changes. Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS wants to inform our pregnant patients of how these changes affect their oral health and what they can do about it.Studies have shown that periodontal(gum) disease can lead to ealry birth of babies. 

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can sometimes cause gum tissue to become puffy and irritated. This is because of an increased reaction to plaque. Irritated gums can become red, itchy, and they can bleed. This condition is referred to as “pregnancy gingivitis”.If  gingivitis is left untreated, it could develop into periodontitis, a more serious gum disease that can end with the loss of teeth. In order to prevent pregnancy gingivitis from taking place, schedule more frequent visits to your dentist for cleansings and brush more frequently.

Another issue that may develop is a pregnancy tumor. These arise from irritated gums and are benign bumps. Good oral hygiene and frequent dental visits can help prevent and cure it. 

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes that include oral health, but with the right care, you can continue to have healthy teeth and gums throughout your entire pregnancy. To schedule a cleaning with Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS in our Holmdel, NJ office, call us at (732) 264-8180 or visit our website, www.dentistnj.com

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