Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Floss Every Day!

Did you know that cavities are more likely to develop between teeth? Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS, of Holmdel, NJ wants to remind her patients to remove the plaque to avoid cavities between teeth,  gum disease and  bad breath by flossing every day!

 The plaque that builds up between our teeth is not reachable with brushing alone. It needs to be removed after every meal or at least after first and last meal of the day. 

You may find lots of different type of floss in the market. Try and find out which one works best in your mouth. Little kids can start by using floss forks, they are easy to use. Flossing requires little dexterity in the fingers and it is tidious but with practice you can master it or you can use proxa brush. Proxa brushes look like a mascara brush or a little Christmas tree- use like a tooth pick and it will keep your gums healthier. They are lot easier to sue than floss. 


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