Thursday, October 17, 2013


Dental crowns offer you the ability to cover any cracked, fractured or damaged teeth. They are commonly used to cover a tooth that has recently had a root canal, in order to protect it, as well as replacing older crowns. Here at Gentle Dental, we believe in providing you with excellent crowns, made of the highest quality materials.

When to Consider a Crown:

1) After having a root canal.

2) To protect a tooth that has been weakened.

3) After having a large filling that weakens the tooth.

4) To help hold in a bridge.

5) To restore a decayed or broken tooth.

6) To cover a misshapen tooth.

7) To place over an implant.

The crown process starts with making a mold and sending it to a lab for the permanent crown. Then, we will place a temporary crown for up to two weeks until your permanent crown is ready. We provide different types of crowns, all of which are stable enough to eat with the tooth and not worry about cracking it. The types of crowns include stainless steel, metal like gold or other alloys, ceramic and resin.

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