Saturday, February 9, 2019

Removing Braces

The completion of a phase of orthodontic therapy is an exciting time. We at Dr. Dipika Shah’s Holmdel dental practice are proud to have reached this milestone with so many of our patients. For those who are currently wearing braces or expect to get them in the future, we wanted to describe a little about the process of removing them.

Although their function is to guide teeth through the jaw bones, braces are delicate. Orthodontic brackets can be pulled loose by extremely sticky foods and knocked off if the patient gets hit when not wearing a mouth guard. The dental cement that bonds them to enamel is made to be easily removable. Nonetheless, we don’t want to exert too much force against a patient’s enamel. Instead, after removing the elastics and wires for the last time, we use a plier to compress the brackets. The change in their shape will cause the dental cement to retract, and the bracket is lifted out.

The metal bands that surround a patient’s molars are also lifted out with a specialized pair of reverse-action pliers. The patient will feel pressure, but the removal process is not painful. The dental cement will be left on until all the brackets have been removed, after which it will be removed. An impression of the patient’s mouth can then be made and used as the basis for a retainer, which will preserve their new smile.

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