Friday, February 22, 2019

Dental Phobia

At Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS we want our patients to feel as comfortable when they visit us. An estimated 9% to 15% of people avoid the dentist due to dental phobia. Patients who avoid going to the dentist have a greater chance of developing gum disease and early tooth loss. To ease your mind, we will talk with you about any concerns or fears you have.

Some signs that you might have dental phobia include tense or nervousness, sleepless nights before the dentist, and the thought of the dentist makes you feel sick.

We know and understand your anxiety. That's why we have invested in a very soothing massage while you are in our office, headphones to listen to your favorite show on television or music. We will help you establish your yoga breath to relax you. We even have air abrasion and laser where we may not even need to give you injection to numb you. 

If you have a fear of pain we offer different anesthetic gels that can numb your mouth during procedures. Anesthetic’s take away any pain you might normally feel and allow you to relax.

We encourage our patients to ask us questions before your appointment so we can make you feel more comfortable. We are just as much about your comfort as your teeth.

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