Thursday, January 17, 2019

Causes of Bad Breath

If you suffer from bad breath, there may be a deeper issue than lingering food particles. We love teaching patients at Dr. Dipika Shah’s Holmdel dental office about how to take better care of their oral health, and combatting halitosis is one of the ways by which patients know they’re doing something right.

Typically halitosis isn’t just caused by food debris, but by bacterial build-up. Bacteria infect the corners of teeth near the gum line where many people forget to brush and the surface of the tongue, where nasal discharge can drip to. We recommend that patients brush their tongues and use a tongue scraper on a daily basis. Patients also must be vigilant about cleaning removable oral appliances such as dentures, night guards, and mouth guards and the cases they are kept in.

Certain foods such as onions and garlic can contribute to bad breath in unexpected ways. Chemicals from them can enter the bloodstream and into the patient’s lungs or trigger an acid reflux response, which could allow stomach acid into the mouth. In addition to cutting back on these foods, patients might want to avoid anything that could contribute to dry mouth. Without saliva, it is more difficult for the mouth to maintain a pH level that resists bacteria and yeast. Drinking lots of water while cutting sugary drinks is the best way to improve saliva production.

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