Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sedation Options

Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS understands that not all of her patients feel comfortable in the dental chair. This is why she offers a variety of sedation options to patients who wish to ease their anxiety during a dental procedure. The most common form of sedation utilized in the office is nitrous oxide, a safe and effective sedative agent that is also known as laughing gas.

Nitrous oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas” is not intended to put you to sleep. Instead, nitrous oxide allows patients to be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions that Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS, may have. After deciding if this form of sedation is right for you, Dr. Shah will ask you to breathe normally through your nose. Within a few short minutes, you will begin to feel the effects of the nitrous oxide by feeling very relaxed, no anxiety. Before you leave, nitrous oxide is turned off an you are given 100% oxygen to breath so you feel completely normal as you leave our office, no one needs to drive you and no need to fast before the procedure. 

If you have questions or concerns regarrding this, please give us a call. To learn more about the services we provide at the practice, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS, here in our Holmdel, NJ office, call 732-264-8180. 

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