Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Caring for Clear Aligners

Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS recommends Invisalign for patients with mild to moderate spacing or crowding of the teeth.  Invisalign’s clear aligner system straightens teeth without the metallic look of braces. Another perk of Invisalign clear aligners is that they require less maintenance and won’t prevent you from eating certain foods.  Although you won’t have to make too many changes, there are still guidelines you should follow to wear and care for your aligners!

You should remove Invisalign each time you eat, but if you do eat anything while wearing the aligners make sure to clean them thoroughly afterwards. It is also best to brush and floss your teeth before putting the aligners back in.  Ideally when wearing clear aligners, you would only drink water. Colorful drinks can stain the aligners and too many hot drinks can eventually warp the plastic.  If you do drink anything other than water while wearing the aligners you should rinse them with warm water afterwards. 

Cleaning the clear aligners regularly is important for your teeth and straightening treatment.  Clear aligners can become discolored over time without losing their effectiveness, but the color can show on your own teeth and continue to darken.  Invisalign offers its own brand of cleaning solution, and there are several soaking solutions available over the counter, but brushing the aligners is also a sufficient cleaning option.  Do not use toothpaste to brush the aligners because subtle abrasive properties of toothpaste could harm the aligner.  It is best to use a mild dish soap and a soft bristle brush to clean the aligners each time you brush your teeth.

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