Friday, January 17, 2014


Orthodontics is straightening/aligning  of the teeth and the patient’s bite. Sooner we diagnose the problem and sooner we treat, better results and shorter time for treatment. Modern orthodontics, kids do not have to wait till all their baby teeth fall out, actually, that may be too late as you miss the opportunity to direct the jaw growth as kids go through growth spurts. Modern orthodontics, we avoid extracting teeth to create room, in stead, we give appliances to help jaw growth in proper direction so teeth are not crowded or patient does not get overbite/underbite.

We also provide orthodontics for teens and adults who want to correct overcrowding, spacing, overbites or underbites.

The types of orthodontic treatments we provide here in our Holmdel, NJ dental clinic, include the following:
1. Traditional braces
2. Clear braces
3. Invisalign
4. Appliance and Retainer Therapy/ phase 1 orthodontics.

With these options, patients have a choice of orthodontic treatments. Traditional braces are the most common and least expensive variety, and can work with all different levels of spacing or bite issues. Clear braces are similar, though they are made from ceramic and less visible than the metal traditional braces. The most invisible are Invisalign, which use clear plastic aligners, as opposed to brackets and wires.
If you or your child is in need of orthodontics, call Dr. Dipika Shah at 732-264-8180.

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