Thursday, January 30, 2014

Athletic Guard

An athletic guard is a type of mouth guard given to adolescents/adults who play sports in school or for fun. The reason we create these mouth guards is to protect the patient’s teeth and their smile. While there are other uses for a mouth guard, the main function is for protection of not just their teeth, but their head from concussion and brain damage.

Dr. Dipika Shah prepares custom athletic guards that fit the patient perfectly so it is comfortable and offers the best protection available. They also don’t have a weird taste or odor. They allow you to breath better and even talk to your team mate as they do not fall out when you talk/laugh/breath or even get tackled. 
There are many benefits of athletic guards, including protecting their teeth from fracture or loss, preventing expensive dental work later on, and protecting the head, neck and jaw joint from damage during a sport. They also give parents a peace of mind knowing their child is playing the sport they love without risking severe damage to your teeth or mouth. Mouth guards made here in our office fit the patients better, allowing them to breathe easier and have more comfort.

If you have a child that plays sports, whether in school or as a hobby, we encourage you to call us at 732-264-8180 to schedule an appointment for a custom athletic guard.

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