Monday, December 24, 2018

Bite Checks

Do you wonder if your children are going to need braces? Are you worried their crooked teeth might be causing problems with their teeth, gum and jaw? As a family practice that offers orthodontic treatment, we at the Holmdel dental office of Dr. Dipika Shah can monitor the development of children’s teeth and spot problems early at in-house at biannual check-ups.

It is best if orthdontic needs are observed at earlier age and treated while they are going through their growth period to guide everything in a correct direction rather than waiting till their bone completely matures and harder to make changes. 

At each biannual check-up, we take x-rays of children’s mouths to determine whether their teeth are coming in straight. Depending on what we see, we may recommend extractions or early-stage orthodontic therapy. The first orthodontic assessment is usually done at age seven. We will also examine whether each child is able to close their teeth together comfortably and whether there are unusual patterns of wear that could indicate that a misaligned tooth is impeding jaw function.

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