Friday, October 6, 2017

How Long Should You Wear Retainers?

When people undergo orthodontic treatment, they should know that they will have to wear retainers for a time after the first phase of orthodontic work is complete. There are some people who will require a fixed retainer for the remainder of their lives. This is not the case for most people, but it is a good idea for anyone who has had orthodontic work to always keep a well-fitted retainer.

Individual cases vary, but it is common for people to have to wear their retainers full-time for a year after finishing braces and to have to wear the retainers at night for some time after that.  Gap teeth tend to require the most retainer use after correction. Eventually, the jawbone will solidify and the teeth will lose their tendency to migrate back to their original position. However, the jawbone undergoes slight changes throughout a person’s life, and the front teeth are always being pushed forward. Preventing this requires the retainer to be worn for a few nights a week on a permanent basis. For this reason, patients should make sure they always have a clean retainer that was made relatively recently if they want to ensure they never experience any tooth migration.

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