Saturday, September 16, 2017

Start of School Year Exams

Dentists recommend that children get check-ups and professional cleanings every six months. If yours haven’t been recently, now’s the time for it. At Dr. Dipika Shah’s office, we provide comprehensive care to prevent children from having problems with tooth aches and misalignment later on in the school year.

Children are the demographic that is most likely to suffer tooth decay in the form of caries—bacterial infections which make little cavities in the teeth. Caries are painful and can have a devastating impact on the child’s well-being. Pain may slow their speech development and cause them to be unable to sleep, making them irritable and unfocused. It may also interfere with their chewing, affecting their diet, (as can misalignment). Caries will not improve on their own; they require a dentist to clean out the decayed material and fill them in.

Fortunately, if your child is at risk for caries, it’s still early enough in the year to treat them before they take a major toll on their education. This will also give us a chance to monitor wisdom tooth eruption and plan for orthodontic treatment which may require time out of school.

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