Friday, August 25, 2017

Loose Permanent Teeth

Anytime adult teeth come loose, it’s a major problem. Fortunately, Dr. Dipika Shah is experienced in several of the aspects necessary for saving patients’ teeth and restoring their bite functions, including fighting periodontal disease and placing implants.

When teeth come loose due to periodontal disease, as opposed to a violent blow, dentists call it secondary occlusal trauma. Primary occlusal trauma is the term used to refer to teeth that have been damaged by tooth grinding without an infection. Severe periodontal disease doesn’t just erode the gum ligaments which hold teeth in place; it also erodes the jaw bone, which can have devastating consequences for the other teeth and the appearance of the patient’s face.

The infection must be controlled before any restorations can be done.Weakened teeth often require treatment with a splint, although in mild cases, the splint is usually temporary. One major danger is that when patients lose the use of their back teeth, they sometimes try chewing with their incisors. This is very dangerous; the front teeth cannot withstand such strong force and are likely to be pushed out of position. Anybody experiencing problems with loose teeth should seek help immediately and not try to adapt on their own.

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