Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tooth Infection into Nerve

At Dr. Dipika Shah’s Holmdel office, we offer root canal treatment to treat dental infections because we believe in saving teeth whenever possible. A new study linking symptomless root tip infections to coronary disease provides even more reason for patients to understand what a dental abscess is and how it affects them.

An abscess develops when the body isolates decay-causing bacteria. The trapped bacteria and dead tissue become pus, and when an abscess is at the tip of a root tip, it is scientifically known as a periapical abscess. Even if the infection never progresses beyond the root, it can cause fever extreme pain throughout the face and neck. If it does spread, it could result in sepsis.

Bacteria enter the pulp of a tooth through a crack caused by decay or injury. Besides the patient’s comfort, it is extremely important not to wait to get a crack filled in. But because even symptomless root tip infections have now been linked to major health problems, patients should regularly visit the dentist’s office for imaging tests and cleanings.

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