Thursday, March 16, 2017

Guiding Impacted Canines

 At her Holmdel office, Dr. Dipika Shah offers orthodontic work to adults and children for a variety of conditions. sometimes she comes across the failure of canine teeth to erupt. The canine teeth don’t just help us pierce food; they also occupy the points of maximum change of curvature in the jaw arches and are crucial to keeping the other teeth in alignment and your jaw joint healthy. Since teeth which have not erupted by adulthood likely never will, The progress of the canine teeth is one of the most important things for dentists treating children to check.

Guiding canines down into the proper position may require a bit of surgery and a distinctive bit of orthodontic work. An incision will expose the unerupted canine so a bracket may be attached to it. Connecting this bracket with the wire connecting the other brackets will require a chain or a looped bit of wire called a ballista spring. Depending on how far a canine is from its destination, moving it may require a year of orthodontic work. But aesthetically and functionally, guiding an impacted canine is one of the most important orthodontic procedures a child can undergo.

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