Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gentle Root Canal Therapy

An achy, sensitive tooth with a dark spot on it may mean you have a tooth infection and will need a root canal. However, do not worry. Root canals these days are now no more uncomfortable that having a cavity filled. Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS performs root canals in our Holmdel, NJ dental practice.

When a tooth becomes infected, the dental pulp is infected. Usually through a crack or decay, the bacteria enter the center of your tooth and infect the pulp. There is usually pain and sensitivity involved because the pulp is the nerve center of your tooth. Pain, sensitivity, red gums, and a dark spot on the tooth are good signs that the tooth is infected.

To perform a root canal, a hole is drilled in the tooth to access the center. A file is then inserted into the tooth to clean out the infected pulp. A sealant called gutta-percha is placed in the tooth to replace the pulp. A filling is then placed on the access hole. The tooth is now able to function normally. Pain and sensitivity will subside and the tooth will no longer be at risk of being lost.

If the thought of a root canal is scaring you away from seeking help with an infected tooth, there is nothing to worry about. Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS performs gentle and effective root canals here in her Holmdel, NJ office. To schedule your examination, call our office at (732) 264-8180 or visit our website, www.dentistnj.com

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