Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oral Care with Arthritis

When you have arthritis, using your hands can become difficult. Brushing and flossing can become a challenge. Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS of Holmdel, NJ wants her patients with arthritis to know some tips and tricks for making oral care easier.

There are dental supplies that will make dental care easier on arthritic hands. For starters, buy a toothpaste that has a flip-cap instead of one that needs to be twisted off. They are much easier to open, and tend not to get stuck when toothpaste gums up the top.

Next, look for a toothbrush that has a thick handle that is easy to hold. Also look for non-slip grip on the handle, so it is tougher for the toothbrush to slide around in your hand. The more control you have, the easier the process will be for your hands and your mouth. A toothbrush with a small head is also helpful for maneuvering around all the surfaces in your mouth. Electric toothbrushes are even easier, as they do all the scrubbing. You just need to hold them in the right places.

For flossing, it helps to use a long piece of floss and wrap it around your fingers for stability. However, if this is too painful, floss picks are available where dental supplies are sold. You can even add a thicker handle to them.

Arthritis can really change the way you do things, but oral care is still so important to uphold. To schedule a cleaning with Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS in our Holmdel, NJ office, call us at (732) 264-8180 or visit our website,

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