Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Effects of Poor Oral Care

When you skip brushing your teeth, you’re in for more than just bad breath. Poor oral hygiene can lead to disastrous oral health. Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD of Holmdel, NJ wants to remind our patients of the consequences of taking poor care of your mouth.

The point of brushing and flossing teeth is to remove plaque and other bacteria that build up from food, saliva, and other debris. After brushing, plaque builds up just hours later. This is why brushing should be done two or three times per day. Plaque that is not brushed away turns into tartar. Tartar is a hardened mineral deposit that only a dentist can remove.

When plaque and tartar sit on the teeth, they begin to irritate the gums, causing the gums to recede. Receded gums form deep pockets where bacteria can collect. These pockets allow bacteria to get deep into the gums where the tooth root is located. This can weaken the tooth and make it more difficult for the gum disease to be cleared.

Gum disease can cause bleeding gums, irritated gums, sensitivity, and as mentioned before, recession of the gums. Recessed gums can cause teeth to loosen and fall out, if not corrected. Surgery can sometimes be required to bring gums back up to a healthy level.

When there is poor oral hygiene, there is poor oral health. The gums and teeth are at risk of becoming diseased and dysfunctional. To keep a healthy mouth, follow a regular oral hygiene routine and schedule regular cleanings with Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD of Holmdel, NJ. To schedule, call our office at (732) 264-8180 or visit our website,

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