Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Find the Right Toothbrush For You

With so many different options out there, picking the right toothbrush can actually be a confusing process. Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD wants to make sure that her patients here in the Holmdel, NJ area are taking proper care of their mouth with the right toothbrush.

The first difference many notice about toothbrushes is that some of them are electric. Patients want to know which is better, electric or manual. The truth is that studies are showing that manual toothbrushes do the same job cleaning the mouth as the electric ones if used properly. The only differenceis electric can produce lot more vibration than your hands to remove sticky plaque, meaning more efficient. Also for those who cannot use their hands as well, like patients with arthritis. it can be very helpful. . However with either electric or manual, proper technique is very important.

A small head is recommended for reaching those hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. You want to make sure you can reach your back molars and a small head makes it easier to navigate to them. As far as bristles go, softer bristles are best for removing plaque. Bristles that are too stiff can irritate gums and hurt enamel. 

When brushing your teeth you want to make sure that you are doing good for your mouth, not causing more harm. To find out more ways to keep healthy teeth and gums, call Dr. Dipika Shah, DDS, MAGD of Holmdel, NJ at (732) 264-8180 or visit our website,

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