Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dr. Dipika Shah Provides Invisalign and Traditional Braces to Straighten Teeth

Crooked or crowded teeth are not only unattractive but conducive to the development of dental caries and temporomandibular joint disorder due to abnormal bite dimensions. Specializing in Family Care, Orthodontics and TMJ, Dr. Dipika Shah can also provide procedures that may be necessary to implement prior to fitting a patient with Invisalign tray aligners or traditional metal braces.

Traditional metal braces are more applicable to preteens and teenagers because they do not require the daily consideration that removable Invisalign trays need. When Dr. Shah fits a patient with metal braces, she bonds the brackets to teeth with dental adhesive and threads each bracket with a thin, flexible wire. Patients wearing traditional braces will need to visit Dr. Shah every few weeks to have wires tightened so that movement of teeth is induced gradually. Generally worn for at least two years, metal braces are necessary for moderately to severely crooked teeth because they initiate a biomechanical process called bone remodeling that promotes growth of new bone for the support of repositioned teeth.

Alternately, Invisalign represents a new type of teeth straightening technology that incorporates the use of customized plastic trays to induce movement of crooked teeth. Dr. Shah relies on computer CAD/CAM software to determine where adjustments for relocating teeth should be made and plans a series of Invisalign aligner trays to initiate these movements. Each tray is distinct from other trays, constructed by laboratory technicians following dimensions prescribed by Dr. Shah. Patients are then instructed to wear a different tray every two weeks so that teeth follow a pattern of movement which eventually culminates in the desired results.

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