Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dental Implants in Holmdel, NJ

If you’ve lost one tooth or multiple teeth due to extensive decay, gum disease or facial trauma, we can provide you with the solution you need to restore your oral health in Holmdel, NJ. Since teeth can shift out of place after a tooth has been removed, and since teeth that shift are more susceptible to disease and decay, our office offers dental implants to both restore the beauty of your smile and improve your oral health. While bridges or dentures can also be used to replace missing teeth, these options either require work to healthy teeth or are not permanent fixtures in the mouth. Dental implants, on the other hand, look and feel natural.

The first step of the implant process is to implant a titanium screw in the jawbone. This screw serves as your replacement tooth root and keeps your jaw from deteriorating or changing shape. Once the screw is in place, your jaw is left to heal around the implant in a process called osseointegration—a process that can take three to six months to complete. During this healing, you will receive a temporary crown for easier speaking and eating.

When the implant has healed, Dr. Dipika Shah will install the abutment, which acts as the foundation upon which your permanent crown is placed. An impression is then taken of the area, and the permanent crown is custom made and adhered to the abutment to give you a new smile that looks and functions like your natural teeth.

With our help, you can achieve an attractive and complete smile with dental implants. Schedule a consultation by calling 732-264-8180. For more information, please visit www.dentistnj.com.

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