Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Orthodontic Options

Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, you no longer have to feel embarrassed or self-conscious becauseyou have to wear braces. You also don’t have to wear braces for over a year to get the best results anymore. Dr. Dipika Shah offers both braces and Invisalign for patients hoping to straighten their teeth.
Invisalign aligners are plastic, removable mouth pieces that gradually straighten teeth over time. They give less force per week and cause considerably less pain to straighten teeth compared to traditional braces. Since the pieces are transparent, patients are able to maintain their smile while improving it at the same time. One of the main complaints of traditional braces, while they are effective, they often leave stain marks on the teeth. This is not the case with Invisalign; patients are able to remove the mouth pieces in order to brush and floss well regularly. They do not interfere with your speech either. May a times, no one will even know that you are wearing "Invisalign' aligner. 
Dr. Shah also offers traditional braces for patients looking to correct bite problems while straightening their teeth. These braces are made of strong metal alloys and are considered the smallest and most comfortable option. While they do take the longest of all the orthodontic options made available by Dr. Shah, they are the most effective when it comes to aligning teeth and correcting bite problems.
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