Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Benefits of Air Abrasion

If you have been getting tooth fillings the old-fashioned way, you know that it is sometimes uncomfortable, due to the strange and sometimes unpleasant, touch, sounds and smells. Fortunately, there’s a more appealing hi-tech alternative.

We are now using a new technique at our dental office to remove tooth decay, called air abrasion. Air abrasion uses no drills (or shots), and instead relies on puffs of air through a small instrument to remove the decayed part of your tooth. It removes the small particles of decay and suctions through a tube.

There are many benefits to getting air abrasion done, including the following:

  •  Treating multiple teeth in one visit

  • No sounds, pressure, vibrations or heat

  • Lack of anesthesia in most cases

  • Maintaining as much of the tooth as possible

  • Improving the success of composite fillings by having a dry working area

  • Less risk of fracturing or chipping the tooth

  • Safe and quick procedure

Our dental office uses air abrasion to give you a quick, easy and safe way of treating decayed teeth for a healthy, better looking smile. Contact our Holmdel, NJ office today to get started on your treatment using air abrasion.

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