Tuesday, August 6, 2013


If you’re frequently stressed, you experience regular headaches, gum and jaw soreness, or you notice your teeth are gradually becoming more and more worn and discolored, you could be affected by TMJ disorder or a condition known as bruxism. TMJ disorder (TMD) and bruxism can occur when an excess of tension and stress are stored in the temporomandibular joint.  When the stress builds, it will result in unconscious teeth grinding and clenching that can amount to pain and wear on your tooth enamel.  TMJ disorder should be addressed to prevent issues of tooth chipping and cracking, jaw misalignment, and chronic headaches and migraines.  We can help you get TMJ disorder under control through the use of a custom night guard which absorbs temporomandibular joint stress during the night, when bruxism or teeth grinding is most likely to occur.  

If you are affected by TMJ disorder, or you experience any of the issues discussed above, give us a call at 732-264-8180.

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